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Useful Tips for Working with a Translation Services Company

* State clearly what the job entails.

* Indicate how the translation should be returned to you (e-mail attachment, file on disk, fax, hard copy, lino paper, or film). Electronic files can be conveniently delivered via e-mail. If this is your choice, please specify your file production program, its version, operating system. Also, you may want to have your translation typeset directly as a desktop publishing file. Ask your translation services company how this may be accomplished.

* Schedule enough time for your translation projects. You will receive better quality as well as a better price. Rush jobs may be expensive and risky.

* Send the copy of your original file of text and image. Avoid sending just the text to be translated without images or further explanations. Every language has words with multiple meanings. The more information you can provide to your translation services company the more they will be able to help you communicate with your target audiences.

* Plan for a joint effort between your people and the translators; you cannot expect good result if you just unload material onto a translator without an explanation of your specialized vocabulary.

* If you do your own typesetting of the translated text, be careful when you import the translation into your desktop publishing program. The process of importing special characters is not completely flawless with some desktop publishing programs. Some or all of these special characters could be replaced with other characters or symbols. These replacements may not be evident to the person doing the typesetting, particularly if this person is not familiar with the language. Ask your translation services company to proofread the layout copy before you send it to your printer, or ask the translation services company to do the typesetting for you.

* The time and effort that you spend looking for an eligible translation services company will be time and effort well spent. Your professionally translated copy will be critical to your success in international interactions and markets.

For more information or a quote, please email us now. We reply within 3 hours worldwide 24/7/365.

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