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We Manage Our Clients' Assignments through the Following Stages.


    1. Requirement analysis
    2. Critical path analysis
    3. Project planning
    4. Pre-translation editing
    5. Glossary compilation
    6. Translation
    7. Localization
    8. Editing & Proofreading
    9. Desktop publishing
  10. Reviewing & Revising
  11. Pre-press service
  12. Free after-delivery service

Korean Language Services is committed to producing the highest quality work within your time and budget. We accept your assignment only when we have an available staff highly qualified in the languages involved, and the skills and expertise required to complete the project to your satisfaction.

Our project managers take the role of guiding and coordinating the overall activities of a project. They plan projects, organize them, encourage workers, and control projects to ensure quality performance within the allotted time and budget.

Our project managers ensure that a project move smoothly and in its proper direction by planning the work to be accomplished and selecting the appropriate personnel to perform that work.

Before we begin your project, we carefully assess your text and requirements. We then assemble a team of professionals consisting of a project manager, translators, editors, proofreaders, and reviewers.

Translation involves reproducing a written text from one language into another language and conveying the message as faithfully and smoothly as possible. KLS has built up many dynamic, committed teams of highly skilled translators with in-depth experience in various subject fields. Although some of our members are able to translate texts in both directions of one or more language combinations, our translators work in only one direction, from their second language into their first language.

Our project managers ensure the consistency of terminology. Terminology compilation is a major part of the translation work, the purpose of which is the systematic study of the terms used to define concepts. In this process we take full advantage of our mastery of languages and expert knowledge of the subject field being studied. We then consult with outside experts and use our vast collection of dictionaries and fact books to create an accurate translation.

We think it's essential to draw on the expertise of the specialist translators living in the target country because they possess easier access to up-to-date vocabulary, terminology, coinage, and neologisms in their native tongues for your state-of-the-art products and services. Moreover, they have a current understanding of the country's social attitudes and culture. We believe this will give you a competitive edge.

We combine in-country highly skilled translators with overseas collaborators (agencies, freelancers in L. A. CA, Detroit MI, Tel Aviv Israel, and many others) and resident foreigners who have extensive and fluent knowledge of Korean.

Upon the completion of the first draft, our proofreaders review the text at least twice, once for contents and organization, once for grammar, style and fluency. The corrections are introduced and the proofreaders recheck the translation to ensure that the changes have been properly implemented.

The quality assurance team oversees all aspects and stages thoroughly to ensure that the product meets or exceeds the quality of your original version. We can deliver our translations in most word processing and desktop publishing formats using IBM and Mac platforms.

For more information or a quote, please email us now. We reply within 3 hours worldwide 24/7/365.

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  • Phone: + 82-10-2759-7887 (24/7/365)
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  • Mailing Address: 837-11 Yoeksamdong Gangnamgu Seoul, Korea 135-080

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