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Globalization is a reality in the business world. Technological advances in communication have made business more global. This trend is expected to continue in the foreseeable future. Thus, the chances are good that you will communicate with people from other languages and cultures.

English, French, and Spanish are the principal languages used in global diplomacy and commerce. However, the best language to communicate with consumers is their own, as any seasoned global marketer will attest to.

In most business situations, all sales, promotional, technical literature should be translated, unless the market is highly technical. Instruction books should also be translated unless you are sure that the users are professionals who will be fluent in your language. Success in global business means staying in fluent communication with your audiences so you can streamline your business, take more market share, and raise your revenues.

Who should translate your outgoing material?

Translation involves reproducing a written text from one language into another language and conveying the message as faithfully as possible. The translator, therefore, must be both competent in the languages involved, qualified in the subject matter.

The translation also should be so accessible and readable for the target language reader as to feel like an original in the target language. It should never make the reader stop and reflect that this is in fact a translation. Therefore, the translator need to be fully informed of values and attitudes, manners and customs, and religious and legal issues that will matter to the audience in a particular part of the world.

KLS has built up many dynamic, committed teams of highly skilled translators with in-depth experience in various subject fields. Although some of our members are able to translate texts in both directions of one or more language combinations, our translators work in only one direction, from their second language into their first language.

Our project managers, translators, and reviewers ensure the consistency of terminology. Terminology compilation and management are among the most import aspects of the translator's job: being exposed to it, evaluating its correctness in specific contexts, storing and retrieving it.

A major part of the translation work is the systematic study of the terms used to define concepts. In this process we take full advantage of our mastery of languages and expert knowledge of the subject field being studied. We then consult with outside experts and use our vast collection of dictionaries and fact books to create an accurate translation.

We have a second translator translate the message back into source language for verification of its meaning. Back translation is a technique for obtaining essential feedback. Many translation errors can be caught this way.

We are dedicated to the art of translation and to the high level of service that we offer our clients worldwide. Our goal is to help our clients enter new markets and increase sales in existing markets by breaking communication barriers. We use all available resources in order to accomplish this goal.

For more information or a quote, please email us now. We reply within 3 hours worldwide 24/7/365.

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