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The present-day globalization of business, accelerated by falling trade and investment barriers, rising economic integration, and exploding information and telecommunications technologies, is proceeding with amazing speed affecting people everywhere.

If a product, service, program, idea, or activity is successful in one country, it can probably be successful in others. In this dynamic and challenging environment of global business, by addressing your global audiences in their languages besides yours, you're taking advantage of numerous important opportunities in various linguistic/cultural communities.

Even though more and more people are speaking English or foreign languages, when customers buy, they prefer to communicate in their own language. The seller who speaks it has a competitive edge. Moreover, speaking customers' language indicates respect for them and their culture.

While we truly live in the information and media age, unfortunately, no magical way has yet been found that can cross the language barrier that separates two people with no common language between them.

To help you overcome language and culture barriers, Korelangs Communication, as an integrated language services company, dedicates itself to the objective of providing full linguistic services. Our language competencies are Korean, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and many other European and Asian languages.

Our professional project teams have technical accuracy and cultural insight in a wide variety of subject fields as well as excellent knowledge and mastery of both source and target languages for getting the work done correctly.

We use different teams consisting of skilled translators, project managers, editors, proofreaders, engineers, desktop publishers, and multimedia specialists for projects we handle -- rigorously tested and carefully screened for the abilities and experience in their respective fields. Thus we guarantee that your work will be completed on time, to a superb standard, and to your greatest satisfaction.

Since 1984 Korelangs Communication, based in Seoul, Korea, has been active in supporting clients around the globe including Siemens, Microsoft, Autodesk, Oracle and Samsung Electronics with the best combination of an excellent level of services and very reasonable prices. So please contact us now and let us version your materials into your customers' languages.

We hope to become a thoroughly reliable assistant in your decision and efforts to go global in a big way and to be on to a world winner!

For more information or a quote, please email us now. We reply within 3 hours worldwide 24/7/365.

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  • Phone: + 82-10-2759-7887 (24/7/365)
  • Fax: + 82-2-565-7023
  • Mailing Address: 837-11 Yoeksamdong Gangnamgu Seoul, Korea 135-080

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